Friday, October 17, 2008

It's finally here...

Our 10th Annual Cropover.

So exciting. I'm just waiting to get on the road.

Meet at the hotel tonight at 7:30p. Dinner reservations for all of us at Carraba's and then back to the hotel. The conference room will be available at that time and you can scrapbook/sleep/swim...whatever you want till whenever you want.

The official crop starts tomorrow and goes from 8-8. Many fun prizes and contests.

Wish you all could be here.

Now I need to get moving and get the rest of the decorations ready and packed. Almost done with it all and not feeling any pressure.

On a side note - we usually don't do a 24 hour cropover - just 12. However, since it is our 10th year, we decided to double our time together. YAY!!