Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Program

We had a great time watching Treyton with his classmates in their Christmas Program tonight. It was just so incredibly cute. You could see their personalities. Some of them were just so exctied to be there and then others never made it to the stage because of tears and fright. I too a bunch of pics and I will post them soon.

I should say - they aren't ALL in his class. There are 4 kindergarten classes, but they are all the class of 2019. 8-)

Talk again soon! (I know, you are all rolling your eyes right now)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Treyton's first SNOW DAY!!!

We have had a wonderful day today. At 6:45 this morning it was broadcasted on the radio that Tuslaw Schools were closed for the day. I was so excited - our first snow day. Nathan left for work at 7:00 and was back in just a few minutes due to a wreck holding his brother up for over an hour. Anyway, when Nathan got back home he decided he was going to shovel the drive. When I heard that I decided to get the kids all bundled up and let them to play in the snow - just like you are supposed to do on a snow day!

Here are a few pics - it was beautiful...and fun!