Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Program

We had a great time watching Treyton with his classmates in their Christmas Program tonight. It was just so incredibly cute. You could see their personalities. Some of them were just so exctied to be there and then others never made it to the stage because of tears and fright. I too a bunch of pics and I will post them soon.

I should say - they aren't ALL in his class. There are 4 kindergarten classes, but they are all the class of 2019. 8-)

Talk again soon! (I know, you are all rolling your eyes right now)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Treyton's first SNOW DAY!!!

We have had a wonderful day today. At 6:45 this morning it was broadcasted on the radio that Tuslaw Schools were closed for the day. I was so excited - our first snow day. Nathan left for work at 7:00 and was back in just a few minutes due to a wreck holding his brother up for over an hour. Anyway, when Nathan got back home he decided he was going to shovel the drive. When I heard that I decided to get the kids all bundled up and let them to play in the snow - just like you are supposed to do on a snow day!

Here are a few pics - it was beautiful...and fun!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

He's Home!!

Nathan is home from the business trip that he was on to South Carolina. He left here in the middle of the night last Tuesday morning and got home Friday morning around 8. The put in a full kitchen and 3.5 bathsrooms. It was a lot of hard work and and a little bit of sleep! Anyway, I made it okay, but it certainly isn't my favorite thing to do!

Welcome Home, Baby! I love you!

(PS: I'm including this picture because one of my favorite things about him is that he can have fun and is not inhibited. Self-Confidence, you might say!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our First Field Trip

We went to Nickajack farms on Friday. It was such a neat place. I had never been there - but I suppose we will be taking the twins with us sometime when we go. Nathan would like to go as well. It is just down the road from us - don't know why we hadn't been there.

Miranda, Shaun and Treyton.

A couple of group pics - there were about 120 of us. When you have 90 kindergarteners running around it is all you can do to keep up! Treyton's teacher has the short, dark, curly hair and the gray jacket. She has her back to us.

Took a nice long hay ride - the kids loved this. There were two trailers full of us.

This poor mommy was expecting twins. I told her just to lay there and keep that ugly look on her face - I knew just how she felt! "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, PEOPLE????" People really do stare when your stomach is as large as it gets with twins. It's okay though.

I was just slow enough that I didn't catch Treyton petting the Llama.

Here is my group that I was in charge of. They were totally incredible.
Austin, Shaun, Treyton, Tamekia & Miranda. These kids all love Treyton so much - everyone wanted to stand beside him. It was just neat to see that he has friends and they really like him.

This bunny gave birth to bunnies while we were there.

They have a huge corn maze, but of course, that would be very dangerous with all those kids. They have a straw maze so that the kids can at least get the same idea. All of them loved it.

I told Treyton to go pet the horse so I could get a pic of him - he said that he had to wait his turn and he didn't want to break the line. He did pet the horse, but again, I don't have that picture. ARGH!

We had a great time. I have GREAT admiration for his teacher - each one of the kids are so sweet, but when you have 20...... 8-) She is just incredible.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm back -

Although I'm not sure that any of YOU will ever be back here. I'm sorry it has been so long. Some of you have been very patient - others haven't. (MISSY!) lol.

I think mainly you are all wanting to see the pics of Jada's wedding she was in. Here you go. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow or the next day to give you more pics of other events.

Rehearsal Night.

The Ring-Bearer, Chase.

Dusty and Pam - Bride and Groom.

Hair Appointments. We had to leave our house at 7:30a to make an almost hour drive to get to the salon where the Bride and Bridesmaids and Jada were getting there hair done. I was a little nervous about this becaue the wedding wasn't until 4:00p, but it ended up to be just fine.

Love the yawn - she must've been a little tired! 8-)

Jada with her hairdresser - she really did a good job.

It was finally time to get ready. Her hair piece was so pretty.
She was so patient all day (SURPRISE) - here she was just looking around and waiting.
We told her to share her basket in hopes that Chase would then walk down with her.
They made about 5 steps together when Chase stopped, held his arms out and said, "Where's my daddy?"! So cute. Jada kept going since we had told her to just keep walking if he stops.
One of only two petals that she dropped on the way down the aisle.
The happy bride and her incredible dad.
She stood very still and just looked around. Although she did find Treyton, Jackson, Nathan and I and would make a cute little wave at us some times.
I suppose that once she got up there her nerves settled down because she suddenly decided that there on the step would be a great place to deposit the rest of her flowers. Since she wasn't making any noise and not moving around, they decided to just let her do it. 8-)
Whew - this means that we made it through the wedding without any major problems. The only thing she did that made me a little nervous was during the prayer she found me on the back seat and whispered very loudly, "I have to go potty"! Everyone heard her and chuckled, but she had just gone so I made her wait. She didn't mention it again.
Celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs.!
While they were ushering people out, she had a seat and started playing with the flowers. She looked so pretty there - she must've had 100 pictures take of her while she sat there.
Jackson was totally in love with her. He told her over and over that she was beautiful. She just thinks he is the coolest and would squeal and hug him every time he said it.
There was most definitely not a prouder daddy in the world that day.
Our incredible kids! 8-) Love those little stinkers!! They're beautiful, aren't they?!?! Ok, you don't have to answer that. I'm sure it is a mommy thing! haha
The Bride, my great friend - in a relaxed shot.
The wedding party's first dance. Dancing with the Best Man - Stu, and the Matron of Honor, Lori - one of my best friends!
Jada dancing with Pam and Lori.
Waiting to catch the flowers.
Taken during a very, very touching and emotional Father/Daughter dance that left Nathan hanging on to Jada with more than one tear being shed. Wow - that was a tough moment.

This is the way her night ended. It was 9:30 by this time and she had been going strong since 7 am. She fell asleep on Nathan shoulder while he was be-bopping around on the dance floor.
She was so good and obeyed everyone. She was the talk of the wedding.
After all of that, I'm happy to tell you that on Saturday night Jada was asked to be in yet another wedding in March. She is thrilled with the news and can't wait. Thanks to those of you who are choosing her to be in your wedding - makes us so proud.