Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ski fun!!

A couple weeks ago while the boys had their ski lessons, I decided to go along so that they could all three be out in the cold and snowy weather. Although Jada didn't take the lessons, she had more than one employee of Snow Trails comment about how she appears to be a born skier. She was the only one of them that came down Mt. Mansfield, but only because there wasn't time for the boys to come down with their lessons. They all did good and we had fun - although I was a bit frozen. 8-)

Treyton with his instructor

Jackson after just having put on the second ski

Treyton - looks like he may have something on his mind.

Doing a great job coming down the bunny slope

Also doing a nice job coming down the bunny slope - he has no fear. That is good and bad.

Since the boys had lessons, Jada had plenty of time with Daddy. She loved every second of it.

Jada coming down Mt. Mansfield

I am not a skier, but if I was you can be sure I wouldn't be an instructor. Kids were everywhere! 8-)

Jack with one ski

So very excited - and cute! If I must say so myself. And yes, Jack did have a helmet, too.

Coming down the beginner hill

Obviously she needs to work on her posture. haha

She was cheering herself on

And just one more cheer for herself when she got to the bottom

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday!

So I had a great 27th birthday! 27...twenty-seven. Unreal. Nathan had a great weekend planned for us and we had so much fun. His parents had the kids for a couple days and he took a day off of work so we could have some time together.

We started the weekend with Breakfast at Amish Door - it was really good.

We went from there to Borders and spent some time there. Love this place - or any like it. He got me an Indians calendar here and it might have been the best gift! 8-) Go, INDIANS!

He had asked Derek and Lori and Dusty andPam to go out with us on Saturday night. Here you see Nathan, Dusty and Pam. Jada was in their wedding in October....remember all those pics?! 8-)

Derek, me and Lori.

Dusty made sure to tell them to come sing to me and right when they were done - you know, when the whole restaurant is quiet and looking...Derek said, "Happy 36th birthday, Myranda" very loudly. Yeah, he will pay!

Nathan had bought an Ice Cream Cake for all of us for when we got home. We all shared the dessert from Outback and then all had a piece of this. It was yummy!!


Derek and Lori. She was trying to do so good for the picture...Derek...not so much!

Dusty - lovely arm!

My man!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

So - here are the pics...

Here is his Chrismtas party pictures.

Very cute Christmas cookies...

Giving his gift to Mrs. Hostetler

Giving his gift to the teacher's aide, Mrs. Bleigh

Getting his candy cane from Santa

Right around 100 of them. They were so good and stood so still. Their voices were just so innocent and sweet.

Can you find him?

There he is. Okay - if you still can't find him ..... 8-)

Here are some of them waiting. We had to drop him off in this room and pick him up here as well. His teacher is in the gray and his teacher's aide is in the red.

Christmas Baking.

Now the next few pics....It all started so innocently (and very badly - nasty pic!).

They saw the total fun (lol) we were having and a couple decided to join in.

And then the growing just got out of hand. People were everywhere.

Still growing.....

And here we are - fully grown! 8-) So you see...it all started so nice and easy...and it ended even better. I love these pics of my brothers and sisters! Does it look like we aren't sure where we all belong??? We are sure though - we belong TOGETHER!

I had to take a couple sets of pics at Christmas Time.

My mom:

Like this one...

Love this one...

Shuman Family:
One of my fave's

Another good one

My fave...and theirs, too, I think.

Wisdom teeth...

This was quite an ordeal...I know lots of people have been through it, but anyway... The dentist mentioned that he hadn't worked this hard ever to get someone's wisdom teeth out. And I was awake the whole time. 8-) It was okay. Just a little nerve-wracking - and painful only when they would hit the nerve with the saw. Actually, not totally true...it was painful the whole time. lol It's okay though. I had this done 3 days after Christmas and it is still making itself known.

So, I'm sorry....I know I was MIA for a very long time. I was terribly busy - but more than that...I just wasn't in the mood to blog. Hopefully it is coming back........