Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Scrappy stuff...

Here are a couple things I have done recently. Lots of my scrapbooking stuff is still in my basement in boxes, and you can tell that from the lack of embellishments on these layouts, but it is okay. 8-)

You can click on the pics to see a larger version.

The next two pages are a 2-page spread. The first one is the left and the second is the right.

Back 2 u...

Julie - that is hilarious! You just never know what is going to come out of the mouth of a child, do you? Mollie is constantly coming up with cute things! I'm glad that we got to take them. It was great! Have you worked anything out for IHC yet?

Nancy - you might be right. I think it goes to Cincinnati as well. It was a lot of fun - it was also expensive. Thankfully they let the twins sit on our laps!! 8-) We are glad we get to do these things with them, too!

Leanna - Nathan thinks he is my best bud - but it is really my camera! After all you only acheive "best bud" status if you go everywhere with me - in my purse. QUIETLY!! =) We just love making memories!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Our weekend.....

We had a great time. We got up early on Saturday morning and took Treyton skiing for his first time. We didn't put him in lessons because it is so near the end of the year that we almost felt like it would be a waste of money because he might forget what he was learning before he can go next year. We had a great time. He went down the bunny slope with Nathan a bunch of times and by the time we left, he was skiing by himself down the little tiny hill at the bottom of the bunny slope. He was very proud of himself!! 8-)

After that we came home and got cleaned up and went to The World's Toughest Rodeo. It was so fun. We had a great time. After that Diamond Rio was in concert so we stayed just long enough to get a couple of pics and then we left.

Back to you......

Dawn - if you ever decide to come back to church then you will get to see Caden! 8-) Just playing with ya! Luv ya!

Leanna - Caden was born October 24th. Of course, I'm sure you figured that out. 8-)

Missy - I was hoping you would freak out! lol You deserve it for all those times you let Jada laugh out loud and carry on in church when you would hold her when she was a baby! 8-)

Julie - I know. When Bryce was born I thought it was so neat that you had named him that. I really like that name, too! Love!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Baby Caden Bryce!

Yes, most people do only use first names - but it has become a habit for me to call him Caden Bryce. Actually, the twins always have called him his full name since the day he was born and it just stuck with me. They say, "Cayun Bice".

This baby has wound his little fingers through the fingers of my heart. I can't believe he will be 4 months old on Saturday! He is incredible! As are all of my nephews! 8-) This one of course, lives closer to me than all but one of the others do so I am fortunate enough to get to see him and Braxton a lot more often.

Neither Missy nor myself ever took our children anywhere in just a onesie. It is completely my fault that there is a picture of Caden on here with a onesie on. I am prepared to recieve the beating I will get from his mother.
Back to you....
Julie, would there be anyone that you know that has one? I wonder if you can rent things like a double stroller? A wagon?? Okay, I am really trying here!! 8-) I just want to see you and visit for a while. 8-)
Tara - BREAK THE BAD HABIT! I am such a good friend. I doubt a day ever goes by that I don't comment on your blog...cough/sputter/gag! 8-) It's okay, really. We all do it. I know you are interested.....I think! haha Can't wait to see ya!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ice Skating...

About a month ago we went Ice Skating with our youth group from our church. It was a lot of fun - of course, I sat with the twins, but that was okay with me. Treyton had not been before and he did really good. Nathan loved it as well. We will probably go again soon - Treyton keeps asking! 8-)

I'm sorry that the pictures are bad quality. I had to take through the glass.

Back to you....
Julie - you are always so faithful to comment. Wish we could get together some time - you will be at IHC, right? Hopefully we can spend some time together there. I would love that!
Melodie - so glad you are home. I really missed you around here! Thanks for stopping by! Wish you were here! Love you!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Valentine's Pictures...

I know these are a little late, but I have been a little extra busy the last few days. We did have a great Valentine's Day and had fun making cookies with the kids. They loved them and just thought it was so cool that they got to "make" them!

Back to you....
Hi, Leanna! We had a great time taking all those pics. It is so fun making memories. The older I get the more I realize that that is really all that is important to your kids! Love ya!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow Play!

On Tuesday night when Nathan got home from work he told me to make supper wait for a little bit because he wanted us all to go out and play in the snow. It was so much fun! I'm so glad we got to go out. It was nearly 30 degrees - although that is still cold, it is a lot better than the 2 - 4 degrees that we had been having! We were out for about 30 mins or so. The kids loved it. It was still pouring snow while we were out there, so they didn't really care for the snowflakes blowing in their eyes, but they loved sliding down the drive. We had about 10 inches or so on the drive-way.
Back to you....
Julie - thanks for the anniversary wishes. We did have a great time. Ready to do that again any day!!! Love ya!
Hi, Dawn. I wondered how the funeral went. Thanks for letting me know. Hope to see you again soon. Call if you are ready to go to church with us again! Lovums!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our FANTASTIC weekend!

Happy 7th Anniversary to us! The best gift Nathan gave to me for our anniversary was a weekend without the kids. That sounds awful, but sometimes I just need a little time away. It all started with taking the kids to his mom's house on Saturday morning at about 9:30. We didn't get them back until yesterday afternoon at about 3:30 or so, I believe. We stayed here at home. We just had a great time with each other!
On Saturday morning we went to the business office to take care of customers and answering the phone for a couple of hours. We were there until about 12:15 or so. It was really fun. So quiet and if there was noise it was from other adults!

We went from there to Berean Christian Book Store. Earlier in the week Nathan had won a book from a radio station. The book was very appropriate for what we were celebrating. Thanks, 95.9 The Light. 8-)

We went from there to the Mall where we got Lunch at a great Chinese place there in the mall.

Nathan had an Aeropostale Gift Certificate from Christmas and so we went there and got a couple of shirts for him - then went to a different store and got him a pair of RL pants from me. Pretty cute, huh?? 8-)

We spent the evening with our great group of friends!! Thanks so much for having the get-together. The food was delish, Lori!!

Sine Nathan doesn't know how to play Poker - he was the all-time dealer.
On Sunday we slept in till almost noon. That is absolutely unreal to think that we did that - even still. I think that is as long as we have slept since our kids have been born. That would make it about 4 1/2 years. Yeah, we felt lazy, but it was okay - we had nothing else to do.
Monday we decided to go to the cute little bridge where he asked me to marry him and take some pictures. So, yep, we took the tripod and all. It was snowing fiercely (as you can see in the pictures if you look closely) and it was not even 20 degrees, but we were un-stop-able!! I'm sure we were quite a show. Laughing and being loud - racing each other back to the camera to see what the picture looked like!

We got lunch and by this time we were missing the kids pretty bad. So we called and talked to them and told them we would be there to get them before too much longer.

After lunch went bowling and then to Nathan's parents to pick up the kids.

It all ended with a candle-lit bubble bath in our Jacuzzi. It was gorgeous. The new candles were part of my anniversary gift!

So there you have it. That was our wonderful weekend! Enjoy the pictures. Hope you all had a great weekend as well!
I want to mention - last night we went to the viewing of a friend of ours. They were our neighbors while we lived on 24th street. Their house burned almost completely a couple of years ago and then about 10 days ago one of the sons was in a car accident. He was the passenger. He lived for a week and then passed away. These people are devastated and we told them we of course would be praying for them. They said they knew we were and expect us to continue. Please pray for these friends of ours!
Back to you.....
Julie - I don't curl her hair that often. I should do it more. She loves it so much! Thanks!!
Thanks, Dawn! So glad I got to see you last night! Luv ya!
Leanna. Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad I got to take a few pictures of them. I'm sorry to hear that Jonathan is still so sick. I will be at your blog soon to see how he is!