Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Still here...

Hey - still here. Getting ready for our month of Children's church and a parade we are in tomorrow night and a wedding this weekend and VBS next week!! 8-) Love to all!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


YUM!! They sure did love this - ALL of them!


Heather - we know you would love to be at all the things, but can't because of your life there in Columbia. Some of us would love to be where you are at, too though - so if you ever feel like we are hanging things over your head from here in the states, be sure to remind us that not all of us get to live where you are living and learn all the things you are learning. 8-) Trying to help ya, not sure I did though.

Mel - same thing goes for you. I would love for my kids to be learning spanish and I would love to learn it to - but we aren't able to be where you are. Again though - not sure i'm helping. Love ya, though!! 8-)

I understand, Dawn. I'm sorry about all of it. Love ya!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It was great!

I had a great time at the WOW Retreat!!! It was so relaxing and so beneficial to me. I had been feeling pretty low before that and I am much better now!

The concert was fun. Not saying it was perfect, but it did go okay and without any major problems.

I did NOT take pictures. I am so surprised at myself! Lori kept telling me, "You have only taken one picture," but I still didn't do any better. She was so amazed. Couldn't believe I wasn't taking more pics. There was a photographer - but that is a story for a different day!!! HAHAHA


Heather - I wish you would have been there, too. There was a great session on "Surviving life in teh ministry". Both you and Melodie would have really enjoyed that one. I even did and I'm not directly in Ministry. Thanks for the compliments on the kids - and yes, we did all have to sing. 8-) Scrapbooking is just incredible. LOVE it. It is great therapy for me!!

Julie - I missed you. Expecially after I saw Kristy! Wished so bad that you could have been there. I understand though - I didn't go when I had small babies either. Yes, You are right - I was pregnant with Treyton. Unreal!

Dawn - I need updates. Can't post to the same thing 10 times, silly!! lol You don't need to delete it - just keep going. I go there often and re-look at the pics. Why are you worried about not having a computer? You moving again?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Women of Worth Retreat

This is what we did for hours last night - PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! Just because we did it for hours doesn't mean we actually feel comfortable with it all. I really thought Marci and Anthony should have traveled all the way back over here to help!!! 8-)

We had fun though - trying to figure out Mama's new toy seems to have even Nathan baffled. We didn't have the correct book though so that didn't help. It is an incredible piano - and if we had had the book it would have been even more fun!!

I am leaving today at 3 and will be back Sunday afternoon. I am so excited. Lori is going with me and we are going to have a blast. Maybe I will see some of you there.


>>>Julie, maybe someday you can come visit and we could go there together. It is a blast.

>>>Mel, it is!

>>>Nancy, it is called Massillon Recreation Center. It is like the Y kind - except quite a bit bigger with more options.
>>>Janella - thanks for watching. Your blog looks great - and I enjoy looking at it.
>>>Thanks, Leanna. We so enjoyed you being here. Hopefully it isn't 2 more years till you come back.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fun day!

It all started actually on Tuesday night. After the group left that was helping us with the yard at about 9 or so, Jonathan and Leanna and Lindsey got here about 10:15 or so. We sat up and talked for a couple hours and then yesterday morning they didn't leave until nearly noon - we had a great time. I'm so glad they came. Lindsey is just precious and our kids loved playing with her.

Then last night was Swim Lessons again and we actually all went and paid the couple bucks for the twins to get in as well - and Daddy, too. It was so fun. They loved it. The toys there are incredible. We could just spend so many hours there.

An update: The goggles completely took care of the problem - as Treyton had "promised me with all his heart". 8-)

(If you look closely - Jada is in focus. It was a new thing I was trying. Trying to catch motion.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We have a yard!!

Well......ok - at least they tried. These guys came over last night telling me they were putting my yard in - I don't see any grass?? 8-)

Really, they were so nice to help. We had a great time and their work was stellar! Hopefully we will see green poking up through in a few weeks.

Ernie actually was here, too, but when I had the camera out he had gone home to get some more hoses for us.

Thanks to you guys - Nathan, Brent, Derek and Ernie.


Thanks, Linda! I thought it was pretty neat, too. You doing okay?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm so proud!!

As you all know - I love to scrapbook. Nathan makes many remarks about my paying for pictures and then cutting them up (someone should let him know that cutting them all up isn't even the style any more). 8-) Anyway, he does make some comments about it, but never actually complains about my spending on scrapbook stuff. He never sits with me and works with me on it or anything either. MUCH to my surprise and delight he made my mother's day card with his own two hands. Is that not just adorable?? And for those of you that are really scrapbookers I have to tell you all that he did. He used 2 different trimmers, three different papers, ribbon, ink (all edges), a rub-on (inside) and as if that wasn't enough - he figured out how to use my CRICUT and even used the negative image because he thought it was cuter to see through the "mom" part. He is amazing, isn't he? And really, honestly - the card is cute. He did a great job. He got up after I was in bed Saturday night so that he could surprise me with it - I can just see his huge hands doing all this.

Last night was another swim lesson for Treyton. He did good. I was able to get some cute pics of him.

(Looking just like his Daddy)

(His swim-mates)

(The Bob)

(The Front Float)

(The Back Float)

(The Spider)

("Swimming" down to the end and back up using arms and legs. He did really good with this.)

(The Sinker)

(The Sinker, contd. Yup, that is him under all that water. He was okay with this basically. Says the water burns his eyes and so he doesn't really want to open them to look for the sinker. I got him goggles last night after the class - he promises he won't mind opening his eyes. He was okay - I wasn't really. Most of you know that I have an extreme fear of water - some of you know why. It was all I could do to act calm while his instructor (who is really incredible) shoved him under the water to search for the sinker. It seemed like she would hold him under there for an eternity. I was more than a little nervous. I didn't say anything though - and just acted to him like that was normal.)

(The Sinker, contd.)


**Julie - glad someone missed me. Braxton is improving. We saw him on Friday night - he is mobile. Pushes himself around with his hands. HE has very good control of his "red" leg - as we all call it. Thanks for being faithful to my blog while I was gone. We are very sorry about Grandpa as well - however, for those of us that saw him every day in the hospital we are glad that he is all better now.

**Ames - I certainly hope "normal" is right around the corner as well. I beginning to think that "normal" is just a thing that we all reach for and can't quite get any more. 8-) Love ya!!

**Tamra - glad to be back. Hope to see more of you guys now at your blog! Glad you have joined us!

**Leanna! Never give up, Friend!! lol Let me know about tonight - would love for you to come by!

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm back...

Did you even know I was gone? I sure did. I feel totally non-connected right now. Everything in the last few weeks has just made it impossible for me to keep up with my blog. I hope to get back on track now.

I should have some pics for you tomorrow.

Thanks for all your prayers during this time of loss for my family. We appreciate them.

Love to all.