Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The twins are THREE!

We had so much fun at the party. It's one of those things that seem to be a lot of work, but yet you are always happy you did it. The turned 3 on the 10th, but we didn't have the party till the 21st. Here are some pics for ya!

Jackson and Jada (Duh!)

Jackson, Jada, Treyton and their cousin.

Two more cousins.

And yet another cousin. 8-)


We all got a good laugh out of this. They really wanted to leave them on, so we did for a little bit, but they were so hilarious looking.

New bike - it is so fun watching them on these new bikes.

Our balloon launch

My two nieces riding Treyton's dirtbike and the twins 4-wheeler.

We are fortunate to have an empty lot beside us. What will the kids do when we can't use it as our "road" any more?! 8-) Everyone had fun with it this night - even the adults.

If you click on any of the pictures you will be able to see the bigger file.


Janella~~Thanks for the comment. I'm waiting on that update! 8-)

Julie~~Good memory. Here are the pics to prove they are 3.

Tamra~~While at the Dr. yesterday she said that my lungs sounded almost 100% better. Don't have to go back for a month. YAY! Thanks for your concern.


Julie said...

Myranda, I really enjoyed these pictures. Birthday parties are always so much fun. Mollie loved Jada's bike and the goggles! And oh my goodness - Missy's little Caden is a doll! So glad to hear that you're doing better.

~Heather~ said...

Hey girl...thanks for your nice comment on my blog! It IS GREAT HAVING YOU BACK INTO THE BLOG WORLD! =) We missed you! Sorry for the allergy problems ....EEK... near pnemonia?! (sp?) SPOOKY! Glad you are getting some help! I hope you are better soon!

Loved the birthday pics of your twins...they are as cute as a button...or two! =D Enjoyed seeing all of the pics, including the fishing pics!

Have a great day in Jesus,
Love, Heather =)

sankey family said...

Oh Mandy...that one of the twins on the stools opening gifts - just adorable. You so know how to do "twin stuff". I would be lost.

Looks like their party was so much fun - I wish we could have been there.

We'll see you soon - I can't wait!


Tamra said...

Your kids are certainly adorable. What fun to plan a party for twins!