Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kindergarten Orientation

Here are a few pics of Treyton's Orientation yesterday. It was cool getting to tour the building there and see where he will be. Love his teacher - forgot to take a pic of her! How crazy!!!

He has mentioned several times today that he can't wait till Monday. He doesn't appear to be nervous at all. I'm not nervous - maybe apprehensive...excited...anxious. Does that all add up to nervous?? 8-)

Here he is - as the day gets closer it is dawning on me that he is actually still just the baby that I had 4 years ago topping the scale at just over 9 pounds! The only difference is about 37 more pounds and about 27 more inches. Oh, well, I guess there are 4 years in there, too!

Standing in line waiting for his bus ride. All the way up - near the front. White stripes on sleeves.

Getting off the bus.

His classroom - there are 4 Kindergarten classrooms - roughly 20-25 in each.

Mrs. Hostetler's Desk

Computer station in the classroom.


Vonnie said...

That first day of school is so fun for those kiddos. Looks like a very nice school.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Treyton
Omgosh hes getn so big
I member the first day
I got to hold tht cutie
&& I saw the pics of Jackson
they broke my heart
I havent had time to call
with school startin && everythin
else goin on wit movin
but I think im goin to make a new one of these things so I can still get ahold of u easier
well hope all is well
&& omgosh Nathan shaved his head
dont look bad but the neither did the old hair hehe =D
love yooh


Tamra said...

Hope Treyton's first day of school goes great. How was Momma, seeing him off?

~Heather~ said...

Wow! I cannot imagine my 4 year old going off to school, but you seem to be handling it well. =)

Just got caught up on reading about your little Jackson's surgery! Spooky! I'm glad that it seems that things turned ok! The pictures are ADORABLE! He's sooo cute!

Thanks for the nice comment.
Love, Heather =)

Julie said...

I can't believe Treyton is ready for kindergarten! He looked so cute with his little backpack! I remember holding him when he was just a tiny baby. Loved the comment he left for Mollie. I'll be sure to read it her after her nap.

sankey family said...

Hey, Treyton! How did your first day go? Did you love kindergarten?

I love you,
Aunt Melodie