Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our First Field Trip

We went to Nickajack farms on Friday. It was such a neat place. I had never been there - but I suppose we will be taking the twins with us sometime when we go. Nathan would like to go as well. It is just down the road from us - don't know why we hadn't been there.

Miranda, Shaun and Treyton.

A couple of group pics - there were about 120 of us. When you have 90 kindergarteners running around it is all you can do to keep up! Treyton's teacher has the short, dark, curly hair and the gray jacket. She has her back to us.

Took a nice long hay ride - the kids loved this. There were two trailers full of us.

This poor mommy was expecting twins. I told her just to lay there and keep that ugly look on her face - I knew just how she felt! "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, PEOPLE????" People really do stare when your stomach is as large as it gets with twins. It's okay though.

I was just slow enough that I didn't catch Treyton petting the Llama.

Here is my group that I was in charge of. They were totally incredible.
Austin, Shaun, Treyton, Tamekia & Miranda. These kids all love Treyton so much - everyone wanted to stand beside him. It was just neat to see that he has friends and they really like him.

This bunny gave birth to bunnies while we were there.

They have a huge corn maze, but of course, that would be very dangerous with all those kids. They have a straw maze so that the kids can at least get the same idea. All of them loved it.

I told Treyton to go pet the horse so I could get a pic of him - he said that he had to wait his turn and he didn't want to break the line. He did pet the horse, but again, I don't have that picture. ARGH!

We had a great time. I have GREAT admiration for his teacher - each one of the kids are so sweet, but when you have 20...... 8-) She is just incredible.


Vonnie said...

That looks like alot of fun! I know the kids enjoyed that field trip. Treyton looks alot like Cameron, I think.

Myranda said...

Vonnie - you are certainly not the first person to say that. Most of my friends/faimly that know Melodie say that same thing. Cool by me! 8-)

Julie said...

What a neat field trip! How sweet that the other kids wanted to stand by Treyton. I'm sure his mommy was proud! He is such a handsome little guy. And how cute that he didn't want to cut in line - what a gentleman! Just what I'm looking for in a future son-in-law. :-)

sankey family said...

Yep, it's true - he's always favored my kids - that comment has been made a lot. And fine by me, too!

Looks like a great trip for Treyton and you. Glad you had fun.

Love you,

Lavy Country said...

OK - I'm so behind, but just had to comment on the wedding - Jada was just beautiful - I know how proud you must feel after she did such a great job. The boys are so cute and sweet too. I can't believe how much Treyton looks like Cameron in that first picture!