Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Program

We had a great time watching Treyton with his classmates in their Christmas Program tonight. It was just so incredibly cute. You could see their personalities. Some of them were just so exctied to be there and then others never made it to the stage because of tears and fright. I too a bunch of pics and I will post them soon.

I should say - they aren't ALL in his class. There are 4 kindergarten classes, but they are all the class of 2019. 8-)

Talk again soon! (I know, you are all rolling your eyes right now)


Anonymous said...

I just happened to come across your blog. It's neat to see pictures of you and your family. The picture of you and Nathan is very cute! I haven't seen you in forever. Hope all is going well and you have a very Merry Christmas! Jennifer Glick

sankey family said...

Not rolling my eyes. Can't wait to see you soon.
love you,

Julie said...

Looking forward to those pictures! Happy New Year!

Tiffany said...

Myranda...Happy New Year! I just thought I'd say hello! I love checking your blog!! Your kids are adorable and I love all the pictures! I hope you had an amazing holiday season and I wish you the best in the new year!!

skier1998 said...

I am sorry to be the one to have to POINT THIS OUT! But, it has nearly been ONE MONTH since your last post. Hope you guys are doing okay. We should try to get together sometime. Take care.