Tuesday, July 3, 2007

3 more days!!!

The packing has started - can't believe it is actually happening.

Although I am so so so excited to be packing there is always that fear that I am forgetting something. Take a minute to share with me what you have forgotten to pack when you are going away. I like to hear that others are human, and besides that maybe I will learn from YOUR mistakes!! 8-)

Really - take a sec and do it. I'm excited to hear from ya!


Anonymous said...

Hi Myranda,

You probably already do this, but I find it helpful to bring a trash bag or something for dirty clothes. With a family of 5 like us, you accumulate a lot of laundry. Also, if you are bringing your cell phone, dont forget the charger! Also extra batteries for the camera! Love you, Have Fun!! Amy

Linda said...

I understand your fear!! (I always OVER pack becuase I am afraid I will forget something!)
This was not someting I forgot, but just a very unexpected trip...Michael called me while still in the states and said if you fly in tonight to TX, you can see me before I leave for Iraq. Our flight left in three hrs, and I was six hrs away from all my stuff, so there was no chance of picking it up. So I flew... Michaela, my purse and diaper bag. (I was glad I had put in extra diapers that morning!!) That was it...

PS Michael did go shopping for me so when I got to TX, I had the things I needed.

Myranda said...

Ames - I had so meant to put that in already and I FORGOT!!! How ironic is that?1?! LOL You know me too well.

Linda - I remember your exciting and FAST trip! Glad you got to see him though - you could have lived without anything probably just to get to see him!!