Thursday, July 12, 2007


Here we are! I thought I would just take a second (a very short second) to upload some pics and just say hi. We are having an absolute blast!!! Can't believe we only have a couple more days. So sad - but we have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our vacation.

I've missed you guys! (**whatever!**) 8-)

Here's the pics - enjoy!

(On our way)

(Scrapbook store where Amanda works)
(Us on 07-07-07)

(One of the 7 bears we saw in Cade's Cove. They were all at a good distance away. This is probably the best pic.)

(The best pic of a deer that I got. This one was with another buck - they were both probably as close as 15 feet.)

(We packed a lunch and found a peaceful spot to eat. It was great. We also hiked around a little while there - at least as much as you can with a 4 year old and two 3 year olds!)

(The kids learned all about the ant while we had lunch. We all had a great time watching this ant take lunch back to his family.)

(We were so very excited to have Marc and Melodie and the boys join us on Monday. We went to Dixie Stampede together Monday night.)

(Please, please click on this picture to enlarge and look at all faces up close!!! Especially Marc!! Love my Brother in law!!)

(Tuesday we went to Dollywood. Had a great time. Here we are waiting on the Water Rampage ride on which I was completely soaked to the skin while everyone else seemed to only have a little mist!!!!!!!)
(Our kids were game for anything that they were tall enough for as far as rides. I was totally surprised since their mother seems to want to stay away from them! 8-) )
(Another great face!)
(We were so sad when Marc and Melodie had to leave on Wednesday morning. We did get to do some Go-Kart riding that morning and then we to lunch together. We had a GREAT time together! So glad they could join us!!!)
(Need I say any more about these pics?? Nathan was kind enough to house a great amount of Scrapbook supplies on our way down here and we have had a great time SBing a couple of nights. This store is GREAT!!)
Please click on any of the pics for a larger version of the same file. It was quicker for me to update with all these pics in a smaller version. I know you think that is a lot of pics - you haven't even scratched the surface. Remember there are TWO Scrap-addicts on this vacation. We are working up on 800 pictures so far. And we love every one of them!!! 8-) I promise I will NOT make you look at all of them!
Thanks to each of you for your well wishes on my last entry. Hope you enjoy the pics that you begged for! 8-)
Love to all of you!!
PS - the picture clear at the top of the blog is a picture I took in Cade's Cove. It was just gorgeous the day we were there! We have had HOT, but beautiful weather!


Julie said...

Myranda, I loved looking at all your pictures! Pigeon Forge is such a great family place to vacation. Dixie Stampede is definetly one of my favorites. Glad you are having so much fun and hope you enjoy the last couple of days!

skier1998 said...

Hey - nice to have a new post. Love the pix. Looks like you are having lots of fun on your vaca. :-) BTW, I am sure you were cheering for the NORTH at the Dixie Stampede. Go Yankees!!! Woohoo!

Janella said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Loved all the pictures you caught some great facial expressions:) I love the Dixie Stampede. Glad you had fun!Janella

Julie said...

Hey! When I left a comment the first time I had no idea that I would be leaving in the morning for Pigeon Forge! I'm SO excited. It would've been great to have been there when you were! We are planning to go to Dollywood and the Dixie Stampede and a bunch of other places. We are staying a total of 6 nights!! My in-laws just started planning the trip yesterday but they found a really nice cabin open for the whole week. And by the way, if you posted all 800 of your pictures, I would look at every one of them!!

Vonnie said...

Oh that picture of Marc is priceless. Thanks for posting it. I'm so jealous you got to spend time with them. :)