Friday, February 1, 2008

So - here are the pics...

Here is his Chrismtas party pictures.

Very cute Christmas cookies...

Giving his gift to Mrs. Hostetler

Giving his gift to the teacher's aide, Mrs. Bleigh

Getting his candy cane from Santa

Right around 100 of them. They were so good and stood so still. Their voices were just so innocent and sweet.

Can you find him?

There he is. Okay - if you still can't find him ..... 8-)

Here are some of them waiting. We had to drop him off in this room and pick him up here as well. His teacher is in the gray and his teacher's aide is in the red.

Christmas Baking.

Now the next few pics....It all started so innocently (and very badly - nasty pic!).

They saw the total fun (lol) we were having and a couple decided to join in.

And then the growing just got out of hand. People were everywhere.

Still growing.....

And here we are - fully grown! 8-) So you all started so nice and easy...and it ended even better. I love these pics of my brothers and sisters! Does it look like we aren't sure where we all belong??? We are sure though - we belong TOGETHER!

I had to take a couple sets of pics at Christmas Time.

My mom:

Like this one...

Love this one...

Shuman Family:
One of my fave's

Another good one

My fave...and theirs, too, I think.

Wisdom teeth...

This was quite an ordeal...I know lots of people have been through it, but anyway... The dentist mentioned that he hadn't worked this hard ever to get someone's wisdom teeth out. And I was awake the whole time. 8-) It was okay. Just a little nerve-wracking - and painful only when they would hit the nerve with the saw. Actually, not totally was painful the whole time. lol It's okay though. I had this done 3 days after Christmas and it is still making itself known.

So, I'm sorry....I know I was MIA for a very long time. I was terribly busy - but more than that...I just wasn't in the mood to blog. Hopefully it is coming back........


Julie said...

I'm SO glad you are back - I've missed you terribly! :-) Loved all the pics of Treyton's class and the family ones are really good. My dentist told me in November that I should have my wisdom teeth pulled but I'm in no hurry! Enjoyed the update!

sankey family said...

I'm so glad you're back, too. I love all the pics you posted. The one of all us together is my favorite - that was so much fun.
Love ya, sis....melodie

Mamabear said...

Myranda!! So glad you found my blog! I just looked thru a bunch of your old posts,, your kids are so cute!!
I love the ones you posted today with everybody in them,,,who are those two guys with FACIAL HAIR!! ;-D LOL I love it.
I'm going to show mom your blog tomorrow,, she will love it!

Stephanie said...

Glad you're back! Enjoyed the update! You should have marketed yourself as our know and drummed up some business -you did awesome (wisdom teeth and all!).

Vonnie said...

I love the pictures... except the last few. You just don't look like you felt good at all! Sorry about the wisdom teeth. Glad you're back to blogging!

Cindy said...

Hey! So fun to see your blog and do some catching up! Looks like you had a fun glad you all got to be together. And hey, I totally sympathize with the wisdom teeth thing. Horrible. I had mine done when I was 16. They cut out one side at a time, and intended to do them a week apart. I had so much swelling they had to wait 2 weeks, and I looked like a chipmunk. Some would say I still do :)
Anyway, hope you're all better now! Thanks for the very visual report of your Christmas.

skier1998 said...

Hey Myranda, I have been thinking about e-mailing you to make sure things were okay. (I was starting to get concerned-no blogging and all.) ha ha. Love your pix. Especially the "growing family pix" - very cute. Sorry to say but your wisdom teeth picture - especially the one in the car really made me laugh. You are brave to post such a picture. I had all four of my wisdom teeth done at once - but I was totally knocked out for it. If I remember right - it took about 5 seconds - ha ha. Nice to see what's happening on your world. You'll have to come visit during the summer and see our baby. :-)

Tiffany said...'ve been through a lot! Glad to hear you're doing better!! I love all the pictures...they're great!! Take care of yourself!!

David and Sarah Fry said...

It was great catching up. I especially loved the family pics. Almost made me cry. Those "all-together" times are getting farther between for us, so they're like gold! I know for you all, too.