Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday!

So I had a great 27th birthday! 27...twenty-seven. Unreal. Nathan had a great weekend planned for us and we had so much fun. His parents had the kids for a couple days and he took a day off of work so we could have some time together.

We started the weekend with Breakfast at Amish Door - it was really good.

We went from there to Borders and spent some time there. Love this place - or any like it. He got me an Indians calendar here and it might have been the best gift! 8-) Go, INDIANS!

He had asked Derek and Lori and Dusty andPam to go out with us on Saturday night. Here you see Nathan, Dusty and Pam. Jada was in their wedding in October....remember all those pics?! 8-)

Derek, me and Lori.

Dusty made sure to tell them to come sing to me and right when they were done - you know, when the whole restaurant is quiet and looking...Derek said, "Happy 36th birthday, Myranda" very loudly. Yeah, he will pay!

Nathan had bought an Ice Cream Cake for all of us for when we got home. We all shared the dessert from Outback and then all had a piece of this. It was yummy!!


Derek and Lori. She was trying to do so good for the picture...Derek...not so much!

Dusty - lovely arm!

My man!!


Tamra said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Myranda!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday!Looks like you had a great time, hard to believe we're nearing the dreaded 30's! :(

Julie said...

I'm glad you had a nice birthday!

sankey family said...

It looks like you had a great time - and those desserts look scrumptious!
Love you, sis....Melodie

Vonnie said...

Happy Birthday Myranda!!!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday! :>)

I need your home address to send a baby announcement . . . when you have a chance. .