Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wedding Day.

Here you go - meant to do this a little quicker, but due to an extremely hectic last couple of weeks it just didn't happen. WARNING: red eyes will appear due to extreme low lighting - haven't had a chance to go through and fix them yet.

Picking up the groom to take to the wedding.
Getting ready

We are ready - if this picture doesn't show the differences in their personalities, I don't know what would. A slight grin vs. a full-blown cheeser.
Actually, in reality - one of them just knows how to smile for a camera and the other one is still doing a bit of a fake look. 8-)
I know I'm his mother, but....
And yet another who can't keep his eyes open because of the flash so we nearly always have a lazy eye look. It's okay though - he means well. lol
Love this pic - with her you have to just catch her just right for a decent pic. Otherwise you get the aforementioned "cheese".
Yep, love that hair.
My incredible husband and his brothers who sang a simply beautiful (and nearly tearful for me) rendition of "The Rose". It was undoubtedly the best they had ever sung together.
Getting ready to come down the aisle. Nathan was on the other side of the church with a different camera so I don't have great pics of the coming in.
She did drop more than one flower this time. They walked seperately.
It was the bride's choice to have them walk up and then sit on the front seat with us. So this was taken once they got to us.
Jackson was the ring-bearer....they used an adorable bear for that. It was so cute.
Jada's basket

Mr. & Mrs.
A couple relaxed shots on way to reception.

D J - Introducing Jackson and Jada Weaver
If you will click on this picture you will see how seriously Jackson took his dancing. His tongue is out in fine fashion. He takes dancing very seriously and was the center of attention more than once on the dance floor.

The got this move down quickly. She had a "princess" look on her face each and every time and he felt like he was quite a success.
Treyton wasn't feeling too good. Felt bad for him - just wanted to sleep.
And so here he is - if a child can sleep through music being this loud, then more than likely a parent should let him sleep. Here he is sleeping on a couple of chairs lined up, but he was moved a couple of times through the night and still slept on.Just love this pic.
A very nice uncle who grew even more cool in his neices and nephews eyes this night.
Very cute picture of Nathan's nephew smiling and dancing with Jada.
Daddy and his princess. He can get sappy just looking at this child. I do admit to crying a little while holding the twins and listening to "...I don't know much, but I know I love you" being played by the DJ. Beautifully emotional moment.
Daddy and his very humorous (really) prince. He makes us laugh consistently.
Here you can see the people standing around in a circle around Jackson while he took his liberty there on the dance floor. Awww.....Certainly you knew this picture was coming.
And we made it...they were absolutley perfect. I know - I'm bragging. Seriously though, when you are a parent and you have two children in a wedding, you can get pretty nervous as to what their actions might be through the day. I was so pleased with how good they did.
We were sleeping when our heads hit the pillow at nearly 1:00am.
Mama's boy
Mommy's baby boy. I know - I still call the twins "the babies". Bad habit, but I don't see it being broken any time soon even though they are (unbelievably) nearly 4 years old.

I certainly hope no one was bored with these pictures. Tons of them and I apologize to those of you working on dial-up speed. You can shoot me later. 8-)



sankey family said...

absolutely adorable! Love to you all!

Julie said...

I loved all the pictures! Your kids are so beautiful! I can't believe they will be four this summer. Jada's hair looked fabulous with all those curls and Jackson looked like a little prince. And of course, Treyton is as cute as ever. I'll be sure to show his picture to Mollie. :-)

Lori said...

The kids did so well, they looked like pros! Your children are so cute, I loved Jada's hair, so pretty!

Lavy Country said...

Don't you dare apologize. I would be a proud mama, too. The pictures were beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

collette said...

Myranda, it has been forever and ever since I left a comment on your blog! Tonight I was blog hopping and saw the adorable pictures of your kids! They're so cute....and they're growing up quick!