Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's early...

...but I'm still up and awake and ready for the day and have been since 4:45. The last 2 weeks have unfortunately been heavy on awake and light on sleep. I know it has to do with some extreme allergy issues that keep me from breathing good. Saturday and Sunday nights were the best nights of sleep for quite a while, but last night (Monday) was again a little light on sleep. Although I certainly don't require 8 hours of sleep a night (which has been a good thing in the past), I would still like to have more than 3 or 4. My "feel good" runs down really quick when I go for a long time without a good nights rest. Don't really know why I'm telling you all of this except for the fact that it is laying HEAVY on my heart - and I'm getting a little sick of it!! 8-)

I have to work at Nathan's office today from 9-5. When I get home, I will be working on different things for the early weekend. Plans seem to be going good for the party and we are excited about it. Wish you all could come!

Also, a HUGE congratulations to some of our really great friends - Jonathan and Leanna! We are so happy for you. Aubrey is totally and completely gorgeous...just adding to the beauty that Lindsey had already created! Can't wait to see ya!

I was looking around on my computer this morning and found this layout I did of the twins when they were 10 weeks old. It's amazing what 3 years and 42 weeks does for a baby, huh? I think they both look very different from what they did when they were babies. Obviously you can still tell that these pictures are of them, but .....

Have a great day!


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Dawn said...

awe i miss them bein babies
i cant believe there already getn this old
i miss you all

i love you guys :]