Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The twins had a FUN birthday!

We had a wonderful day together as a family yesterday. Nathan takes off work on the kids birthdays and so we just do whatever it is that they ask. One of them wanted to go to McDonald's and swimming and the other one wanted to go to El Rodeo and to Sluggers and Putters (a great putt-putt, bumper boat, go-kart, batting cages type of place). We were headed to Sluggers and Putters when it started raining - it was pouring actually. So we had to cancel that this time, but we did go swimming and were there for a few hours. We also went to both McDonald's and El Rodeo. Our church is having VBS this week so we went there last night.

We have started a (somewhat) fun tradition for our family - at least while the kids are young. We have "family bed" on the night before any one persons birthday and we all sleep together here in our bed. A king size bed gets small REALLY quick with 3 squirmy kiddies. 8-) They love it, but like I said - it is for while they are young. Can't see us doing this with an 18 year old and 2 17 year olds. LOL!

Our party isn't till Thursday the 19th. We are combining their birthday with Treyton's Kindergarten party. Should be great fun!

Anyway - Happy, Happy 4th Birthday to our precious "babies"!

Have a great day.


Melanie C. said...

Did ya have to show the yummy dessert? :-) Mmm...Happy Birthday (times two!) to your kiddos!

Anonymous said...

awe i cant believe there four already
happy birthday jackson & jada
i miss them so much
life is just so ruff right now
but i hope they have a fun birthday
i dont think i have ever been to there birthdays just treys
well i love you all

dawn :]

sankey family said...

Happy birthday to 2 sweethearts!! Much love, hugs and kisses from Aunt Melodie and family!

Valorie said...

Happy Birthday, kiddos!

Kara Plank said...

They are so cute! I always wanted twins...maybe someday. Anyway, we have an El Rodeo in PA too! yum!!!