Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer fun!

It was actually last spring when I took these pics, but I was looking through all of my pictures the other day and these just looked like nothing but summer fun. They had so much fun - just gettin' dirty! Isn't that what summer seems to be all about? If you think differently than that, your laundry apparently differs from mine! 8-)

I seriously had combed the childs hair in the picture above, but it was just amazing how fast it was looking like this again. Marci will kill me!


Dawn said...

well i just wanted to say hey :]
& im doin ohkay
other than the stress
of livin in a crackhouse
but yeah im makin good money now :] at a doctors office actually mi mom works here too
but i work evenings haha $9 an hr
but yeah i have a new blog
if u didnt know
i love you :]

Julie said...

Mollie thought these pictures looked so fun! I had to enlarge each one while she asked, "Where are they? What are they doing?" She would've jumped right in with them!

Marci said...

Just so the whole blogging world knows - I would never let my children look like this in public. Even to just play in the dirt!! Looks like you coulda used just a touch of hairspray on Shelby maybe?. Just a thought...
Love you, sissy! :-)

Myranda's FAVORITE Bro-in-Law! said...

Just wait till your kids stay at OUR house for a few days!!!!! haha just kidnya Lovey

Myranda said...

You BOTH scare me about THIS much!

Mamabear said...

Mandy, what would you pay for some pix of a certain family members daughter with not only her hair going six ways to sunday, but also looking like she literally rolled in the dirt?? ...while her mother sat in a lawn chair gossiping with friends and totally ignoring her filthy children??...its truly shocking..