Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jackson's Wrist

Just a quick blog to ask for some prayers for Jackson. He has apparently either hurt his wrist or has gotten a spider bite. It is extremely swollen and has some discoloration. The Dr. at the ER says it is a possibility that it is cracked, but not completely sure as "4 year old wrist X-ray's are hard to read because of all the movement still going on with a child's bones" (will someone in the medical field verify that this is true). He is now on a couple of medications, but we aren't totally sure what is going on so don't know for sure that the medicine will be doing much for him (I am in no way in favor of giving my child medicine if he doesn't need it, but something does have to be done). We are watching it for 24 hours and then if not any better will be going to Akron Children's for more tests and possibly blood work.

Just pray that we would figure out what is going on. I do have a couple pics of it, but haven't gotten them downloaded yet.

Treyton did fall down steps yesterday and Jackson was coming up the same stairs so he knocked him down. Treyton has a huge, nasty black eye from the fall and it is possible that Jackson's arm got hurt when this happened. It is also possible that it was hurt on a trampoline that he was jumping on on Tuesday night. It could also look like a bug/spider bite, but there is no actual bite place visible.

Thanks for the time that you take to say a short prayer for this issue.



Julie said...

I'll be praying for Jackson. Poor little guy! Hope everything turns out ok.

Liz said...

Poor fella! Praying here!

Clarissa said...

The family sure has had a rough year. We will be praying for Jackson's little wrist and for the doctor's to figure out what is truly wrong. We love you guys and hope everything turns out fine.