Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear Friends....LOL

Alright - just letting you know that Scrap Solutions has closed up shop. See all of you thought you were going to come here and get some great post. So sorry. No, I do have some customers there and thanks to my newest business endeavors 8-), I do not have time to keep up with both. I'm just afraid that someone would come along and order some huge order and I won't have time to fill it.

I guess I will put a pic on here - just one! lol. Just to satisfy my precious friends!

This is a picture of my precious - and I do mean so very precious - sister that I will be meeting here in a couple days and spending a couple of days with near the Dayton area. Shopping, eating, chatting...who knows...maybe I will even post a couple pics of that, too. Anyway, I can't wait!!! Sunday afternoon just can't get here fast enough.
This does mean, of course, that you will have to be patient while I am gone as I won't be able to update as often!! lolol
I also want to mention that I do have two other VERY precious sisters as well. 8-)


sankey family said...

Sorry you're closing Scrap Solutions. Do I get an award for like "Best Customer"?... :)
Hope you and Marci have tons of fun on your getaway. Love you!

Missy said...

Ker-plunk...that was me falling out of my chair at the sight of a new post!!! I actually think I should get the award for the Best customer!!! lol! I hope you and Marci have a great time. lv...

Kara Plank said...

*GASP* A new post!!!! hee.hee. I was so excited to check here (to comment that it was going to be the LAST time I checked the site!) and shockers-there was a new post AND a picture!!! YAY! ;P

Kara Plank said...

Hey, you could be posting pics of you new niece!!!!

Missy said... now that you are in Mexico maybe you will do something about a new post. There are many great picture opportunities there that you could share with your 1 faithful viewer that you have left. lol! Hope you have tons of fun.

Missy said...

okay...Mandy! this is getting rediculous. For one thing I don't even recognize these people anymore and for another thing I know there have been many things that have gone on in your life this summer that you could have posted about. I know this because I live 5 minutes from you. something or else!!! lol!

Missy said...

rediculous looks funny!



Still not looking right!

Myranda said...


I updated before I even looked at these comments. Didn't even know that you and Kara were public with your hateful remarks. 8-)