Friday, April 6, 2007

blah blah blah

I really don't have any exciting to talk about. We are busy this weekend. Lots of stuff to do.

Last night Nathan's mom had all of her grandchildren....11 in her house so they could color easter eggs together. While she did that Nathan and I and his 2 brothers and wives went out to eat together. That was fun. Tonight we had to be in Salem at 7 to sing in an Easter Cantata with a couple other little choirs. It was really enjoyable. Glad they invited us! Tomorrow morning I have to be at our church to practice for a couple songs for Sunday and then we have a community Easter Egg Hunt that we are taking the kids to. Then after that I have to pull all the strings together for my part in our annual school auction. This is my first year to do this - Missy is helping so it is nice to do that together. After that we are possibly going to Pittsburgh to pick up Nathan's dad from the airport. He doesn't even fly in until after 10. Then back home and to church on Sunday morning.

Not sure I will be updating again before Sunday but HAPPY EASTER to all of you. He is Risen! God bless each of you during this time and may we all realize that beyond the cross is a tomb that is EMPTY!



We miss you, too!! Wish you were here, Mel!

Dawn, I'm happy for you Dawn! Wanna go to church Sunday with us? Stenn can go, too! We miss you there!


Anonymous said...

i guess me & stenn are goin to mi gmas fo easter idk if we can make it. plus i think me n him need some space away from eachother at the moment.

dawn =(

Anthony said...

I want to thank you for watching our kids...but did you have to post the pics of the mohawks???

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see the easter pics.hope u toke some.