Monday, April 2, 2007

Fun Weekend!!

Well, it was more than just the weekend. Marci and Anthony came over on Wednesday and stayed until Saturday. We had a great time with them. LOTS of laughs and lost sleep, but who can go to bed when you have so much to talk about?!

Marci and Anthony left Thursday morning for a little getaway and I kept the kids. They came back on Friday early evening. The kids were good. Thursday night we took them to Safari Sam's here in Canton and we had a blast. Nathan was playing hide-and-seek with all of them in the Jungle Gym.

I'm so glad we got to keep them. Thanks, M & A!!

The much desired "mohawks" that Marci's boys really wanted.
I made sure not to let M & A know I did this until AFTER the event!

There is a free putt-putt course there. So cool.


Dawn - I want you to have what we have too. Just keep looking and make sure you have the right person.

Thanks, Mel! Love you!

We will take the Leather, Tara! 8-)

Thanks, Brenda! Thanks for commenting!


Sankey Family said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun....miss everybody!
love, mel

Anonymous said...

im more then positive stenn is what i want forever hes so amazin and i wouldnt want anyone else hes so diff from other guys and so sweet we have our lil arugements but everyone has thos.

love u