Friday, April 27, 2007

It's a great day..

I'm so sorry to those of you who have checked every day to see if I have updated. We have been busy - so busy.

Just an update -

Braxton seems to be doing good. Missy needs your thoughts and prayers as she is now having to change his dressing at home. She does a good job and it doesn't make her sick, but she just hates to have to do that to him. Gerald is doing some better it seems - please don't forget to keep praying for him though.

My grandpa is back in the hospital as of about 8:30 last night. We were there till Midnight and by that time they had discovered some heart problems that were needing to be watched. They also said that he was severely dehydrated and his kidneys were hardly functioning at all. His blood pressure is really low - one time it read only 60/37. PLEASE pray for Nellie - she is completely exhausted.

I promise to get back to all of you in the "bak2u", but today isn't the day. We were to be packing to go to PA today to visit family, but with Grandpa back in teh hospital we canceled. I am right now working on a Scrap Solutions order. Kids are outside. 8-)

I also will get around to all of your blogs soon - promise!!



Julie said...

Your family has had quite a time lately! Glad to hear that Braxton is doing good. I'm sure this is such a stressful time for Missy and Gerald. By the way, I really enjoyed talking to you at IHC. I only wish we lived closer and could get together a little more often! I hope things go ok for your Grandpa. I have lots of memories of being at their house when we lived in WV.

Sankey Family said...

Dear sis,
I have missed your updates...glad to read your post today. Daddy had called me about Grandpa - sorry to hear that. We'll keep praying. And poor Missy, Gerald and Braxton - I feel for each of them and the difficult circumstances they're in. Wish I could come up to help - just don't think I can.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

whats goin on with Braxton?

Kim M. said...

Hey I can't believe I found you on here! Goodness your babies have grown!!! I am up late so I will get back with you but wanted to say hey!

Kim Matlock

skier1998 said...

Yes, I was wondering the same as "anonymous" - what happened to Braxton? Tell Missy that she should probably think about started a blog too! :-) Take care. Stay encouraged.

Anonymous said...

hi myranda.
well donnie lied to me he told me he was on his way to canton && was suppose to call me when he got here. tht was thrus then his gf calld me && said she found him at a bar in columbus wit some dude he spent his money tht he got from donatin blood to drink. omg i tryd to b friendly && help him. i mean hes mi couison i want to help but tht is so messd up then he deleted everyone off his myspace. idk wats up wit him. anywas u never told me whats goin im wit braxton him worried. can i come visit sometime soon. id love to go to church wit u sometime. maybe sunday night. idk yet. anywas love u.