Monday, August 4, 2008

Jackson's wrist was proven to be a nasty spider bite. He is okay and was in no terrible danger, however, the Dr. says that had he gotten the same bite on his neck or face it might have been an emergency. It seems as though the spider bite wasn't totally awful in itself, but that Jackson was just really allergic to it.

After the Dr. mentioned a spider bite, Jackson piped up and say, "Oh yeah, I was just letting it play there and when I was done I hit it off on the rocks". We assume that the "hitting it off on the rock" scared the spider and it then bit him.

He still has some scale-y looking stuff where the bite was, but it is just from where all the blisters have gone down and we are left with the dead skin from those blisters.

Sorry it took so long to update this info - we were on vacation all last week. I would assume that pictures will follow in a few hours/days, however, I won't promise as we all know how my blog-background looks.

Love all!


Julie said...

So glad to hear that he's ok. Although the spider bite does sound a little scary! Hope you had a nice vacation.

sankey family said...

Hey, there...I was wondering how your vacation went - I'll be watching for pictures!
Glad Jackson's ok - love you guys!

Anonymous said...
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