Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to school...FIRST GRADE!

We had "Meet your Teacher" yesterday afternoon and we were so excited to see Treyton's name on Mr. Pennington's list of students. I was so shocked. Shouldn't have been. I felt again this year that God wanted me to leave my hands off of the teacher thing and let Him take care of it. So I did - was kind of hard. You see, Treyton wanted Mr. Pennington to be his teacher so bad and so I wanted to just go in and request that Treyton be in his class. And I could have - but didn't because of the real feeling that God wanted to take care of it. And He did. What an amazing answer to prayer. Serious Faith Booster at a time when I really needed it.
Looking at his new books after finding his new desk

Nathan showing him some stuff in the classroom yesterday. The twins went with us.

A very happy and excited boy this morning. He couldn't even eat. He told me, "I'm not sure I can eat all this; I'm just so excited to get to school".

After some guidance from Aunt Paulette and from Mommy and Daddy, he decided that he really didn't need a new back-pack this year. He did have money for it, and we told him he could if he decided he really needed one. We were proud of the decision he made. It wouldn't have hurt a thing if he would've bought a new one, but I think he made a very mature choice.
An 8:00am phone call from Daddy this morning. We leave at 8:05. Although this mommy would love to say that his eyes look like they are teary because he just can't handle leaving me, it is actually just that he has really sensitive eyes and I had just taken a picture and so they were still watering. Way to burst my balloon! 8-) It's okay - I want him to want to go.

At his desk - ready to go....errr...should I say...ready for ME to go. lol
Backpack in his locker.

So there you have it ... we are back to school. The twins are fine - although they do keep asking how much longer until he will be home.

I miss him - can't wait till he is home. Can not even wait until I hear what he learned today - which probably isn't much since it's first day review.


Patty said...

Wow! A first grader~time sure flies.
Thanks for your comment. I am still working on figuring all this coupon thing out and how to best write a post for it so it may be a while:-}(besides Rob and Carol are hear this week so not so much time!
One of my favorite blogs is She has a bunch of great tips on getting started.
Another good one is ALOT of free stuff and deals, you kind of have to weed through it but can get some good deals.
happy saving

Julie said...

He looks so excited! Mollie had her Kindergarten Orientation this afternoon and was so excited. She is looking forward to tomorrow because she gets to go all by herself. :-) I'm sure she'll be ready for me to leave too! Hope Treyton has a great year and that's so neat about his teacher! There are 2 kindergarten teachers at Mollie's school and there was one in particular that I really wanted Mollie to get - and she did! She told me that she actually requested to have Mollie in her class. The Lord works in mysterious ways!!

sankey family said...

The I'm ready for Mom to leave is so like my one tear about going to school!

Kara Plank said...

Awww! You were so brave. And isn't is wonderful how God answered your prayer when you took your hands off? PS: Clayton does look like me and my brother, Kevin. He does have his Daddy's eyes tho!!!

Kelly S said...

How hard it must be to let him go!

I'm homeschooling Josh and Katie this year -3rd and kindergarten. We'll probably start the first week of September.

So wonderful God worked the teacher thing out for you!

Dawn said...

I still can't believe how big the kids are getting.
I still remember the day I got to hold him for the first time.
I love his eyes in the picture with him on the phone with Nathan.
He still looks absoultly like Nathan.
I miss those kids.
Tell them I said hi.
I love you guys.

Lori said...

Aww, what a cutie, he looks so excited about starting school!

Dawn said...

No, I have not changed my number.
I'm in the process of getting a new phone because the one I have never works.
I don't think I got any so that may be the reason.
Were they importanat? lol of course they were there from you :]
I don't know if he ever loved me more your his mother.
It's sad I feel like the kids dont remember me anymore. :[
But I still love them.

Beth Stetler said...

1st grade is a great year for learning new things. He is so cute!

Kim M. said...

What a handsome first grader!