Monday, February 5, 2007

Didn't get a thing done....

But we had so much fun!! We laughed and laughed and talked and talked! It was just great. The best part was when Nathan and Brent called from Applebee's and asked if I wanted anything. Nathan was kind enough to bring me boneless buffalo wings. They were so hot my mouth was on fire. But they were good. I have a few pics of the evening.

After everyone else left, Amanda, Nathan and I sat out there and talked. Amanda and I were still scrapbooking some.

Then we decided to all get in the Jacuzzi. It was fun. We were in there for an hour - we were so hot after that as the heater in the Jacuzzi warms the water up so much. After that we got out and were going to watch a movie about scrapbooking. We didn't get very far - we were all so sleepy. Of course, by this point it was 4:00, so we gave up and went to bed.


Back to you......

*****Dawn - We will chat sometime today or tomorrow to give you directions. I'm excited to see you and to meet Stenn. luv ya.
*****Nancy. Thanks so much for commenting. All of you have me thinking about selling some of my stuff. Maybe I should make a few things and even just put them on here. I could just see if it would work. Hmmm. At least you got me thinking! Thanks for the compliments on the paint. Some people think I am way too out there. I like color though. 8-)
*****Yeah, Tara. I sell Creative Memories stuff. Do ya need anything? 8-) Maybe you and Matt could come up so weekend and you and I could scrapbook and Nathan and Matt could....hmmm..I don't know....BABYSIT???? haha
*****You know what, Julie? When I picked those colors it was just because they were all in here comforter set. Then she got tons more Dora stuff for Christmas and when I put it in there it all goes so good. It is like we did it all for Dora. So neat. Glad it matches because that stuff is her fave!!


Leanna P. said...

Oh, that looks fun! I really do need to join the scrapbooking crowd. I actually have the book, quite a bit of paper and other misc stuff as well. I even have some pictures printed for it. I just need to get started. What I wish most though, is that I had somewhere to set it up and not have to take it right back down and that is probably my biggest drawback. Later for now.

Missy said...

I wish so bad that I could have been there. I will be there for the March crop for sure. Looks liek so much fun. I am glad that you have a good "crowd" for the crop. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Myranda!Looks like ur crop went well i miss bein there fo them when u use to have them at ur old house.Too bad the weather was too bad i realli miss u and the kids..if his car wasnt so bad then we probley would have come but he should b gettin a new one soon..but we should deff make plans agian..does missy have one of these scrapbook sites? well im gonna go i miss u and love u

dawn <3