Friday, February 9, 2007

More pictures of the kids....

I took these pics of the kids on Sunday before church. I meant to share them earlier. I forgot!! 8-)

Her hair really is long for a 2 year old. When I curl it - it looks so short from it shrinking it up! 8-)

Last night was Women of Worth. I had a great time. It was a valentine's theme. There was a chocolate fountain and lots of "dippy" things. It was delicious. Ms. Carol spoke about relationships/friendships. Now that I have conquered being a good wife...8-)...I really just want to be a good friend. It was well thought out and very well delivered. I enjoyed everything she said and I may even ask her for a copy of it if she allows copies of her "sermons". Anyway, I really needed what she said. Thanks, Carol! I'm glad you are our pastor's wife!

Grandpa and Nellie's anniversary is today. Earlier this week I contacted them about Nathan and I and the kids going out to eat with them tonight. Then I thought about inviting Gerald and Missy and the boys. And then I wanted to invite Brent and Mary. So - all of us are going to Amish Door tonight at about 6:00. I am sure I will take pics and maybe you will get lucky and I will share them with you!! 8-) I believe this is their 6th anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Grandpa and Nellie!!
LOVE to all of you and yours on this Valentine's Weekend!!
Back to you.....

Julie, Thanks for pushing me even a little farther. I may put a few things on here - mainly cards. The worst thing is that I would have to charge a little more because shipping is involved. We will see.

Leanna - Just keep thinking about coming up - no pressure. You have lots of things happening. I will be looking at your blog to see how Jonathan's Dr.'s visit went.


Julie said...

How adorable! They all looked so cute! I love Jada's hair! I used to curl Mollie's alot more often. I always loved the way it looked with curls all over the place. I do not know how you can have three kids looking so perfect on a Sunday morning! My hat is off to you!

Anonymous said...

aw i love the pics of the kids..jadas hair looks so GORGOUS!!

Leanna P. said...

OH MY WORD!! Yes, the boys are handsome, but wow to Jada! Her hair is so absolutely gorgeously cute. I guess I'm partial to curls, but that's just me. What type of curlers did you use anyways. Sponge over night or quick hot sticks? :) All of their outfits are just stunning. Thanks for sharing - you truly have a beautiful family and children. Yes, I posted an update on my blog of the latest news. Later!