Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our FANTASTIC weekend!

Happy 7th Anniversary to us! The best gift Nathan gave to me for our anniversary was a weekend without the kids. That sounds awful, but sometimes I just need a little time away. It all started with taking the kids to his mom's house on Saturday morning at about 9:30. We didn't get them back until yesterday afternoon at about 3:30 or so, I believe. We stayed here at home. We just had a great time with each other!
On Saturday morning we went to the business office to take care of customers and answering the phone for a couple of hours. We were there until about 12:15 or so. It was really fun. So quiet and if there was noise it was from other adults!

We went from there to Berean Christian Book Store. Earlier in the week Nathan had won a book from a radio station. The book was very appropriate for what we were celebrating. Thanks, 95.9 The Light. 8-)

We went from there to the Mall where we got Lunch at a great Chinese place there in the mall.

Nathan had an Aeropostale Gift Certificate from Christmas and so we went there and got a couple of shirts for him - then went to a different store and got him a pair of RL pants from me. Pretty cute, huh?? 8-)

We spent the evening with our great group of friends!! Thanks so much for having the get-together. The food was delish, Lori!!

Sine Nathan doesn't know how to play Poker - he was the all-time dealer.
On Sunday we slept in till almost noon. That is absolutely unreal to think that we did that - even still. I think that is as long as we have slept since our kids have been born. That would make it about 4 1/2 years. Yeah, we felt lazy, but it was okay - we had nothing else to do.
Monday we decided to go to the cute little bridge where he asked me to marry him and take some pictures. So, yep, we took the tripod and all. It was snowing fiercely (as you can see in the pictures if you look closely) and it was not even 20 degrees, but we were un-stop-able!! I'm sure we were quite a show. Laughing and being loud - racing each other back to the camera to see what the picture looked like!

We got lunch and by this time we were missing the kids pretty bad. So we called and talked to them and told them we would be there to get them before too much longer.

After lunch went bowling and then to Nathan's parents to pick up the kids.

It all ended with a candle-lit bubble bath in our Jacuzzi. It was gorgeous. The new candles were part of my anniversary gift!

So there you have it. That was our wonderful weekend! Enjoy the pictures. Hope you all had a great weekend as well!
I want to mention - last night we went to the viewing of a friend of ours. They were our neighbors while we lived on 24th street. Their house burned almost completely a couple of years ago and then about 10 days ago one of the sons was in a car accident. He was the passenger. He lived for a week and then passed away. These people are devastated and we told them we of course would be praying for them. They said they knew we were and expect us to continue. Please pray for these friends of ours!
Back to you.....
Julie - I don't curl her hair that often. I should do it more. She loves it so much! Thanks!!
Thanks, Dawn! So glad I got to see you last night! Luv ya!
Leanna. Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad I got to take a few pictures of them. I'm sorry to hear that Jonathan is still so sick. I will be at your blog soon to see how he is!


Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a fun weekend. And no, it doesn't sound awful to want a weekend without the kids - I know how much fun that can be just to have some time to yourself. And of course you always end up missing them. Dan and I came back early one year from an anniversary get-a-way because we missed Mollie so much. I'm glad you had a good time. You deserved it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandi..
Im glad i got to see u too..i missed u and the kids r soo BIGG..yeah the funeral was sad and sandi was REALLI cryn right befo it was time to leave i could NEVER imagine wat she is goin threw right now and yes i will pray um well i want to come visit sumtime so we will talk bout tht ok miss u luv u too