Thursday, March 8, 2007

Card day -

I've had several cards on order and the deadline is drawing near so I had to get them done today. I will post a couple of them on here. If any one of you would like to order cards, I do take orders. Shipping would be pretty cheap for you - especially if you got an order together so you weren't having to pay shipping each time you need a card. If interested, email me at

Tonight I have a Tastefully Simple party to go to. Tonight is also Women of Worth night - however, I decided to go to the Tastefully Simple party since it is one of my new neighbors that invited me. She is just across the street. Lori called this week to make plans for Women of Worth. When I told her I wasn't going to that - she consented to go to the party with me. At least we will still get to hang out.
Back 2 u...
tara...i really want something funny to say back to you, but really - you outdid yourself. you had me howling laughing. love your sense of humor. never fails to make me laugh!! so when can you come up again?

dawn - love ya, sugar! all is cool with me! 8-)

i didn't have a chance last night to respond to my somewhat impatient sister - you know who you are. she posted that one minute before i posted my update. she begged my forgiveness later though when we were chatting!! 8-) (NOT!! wasn't even sorry at all)


skier1998 said...

Hey - love the card. What is the pen called you use to make the edges like that? Also - thought you would like to know that I did 2 scrapbook pages and I tore my paper. I got some great ideas from you. I'll be up as soon as I run out of good ideas... like tomorrow. ha ha.

Sankey Family said...

That's the way, girl. You get the word out and I'm sure you'll be filling those orders faster than you can make the cards...hey just had an idea, if I got you the basic script, etc. could you make me some in Spanish? Maybe "thinking of you" "praying for you". I'd like to send some cards to pastors' wives with Marc when he goes to visit churches. Let me know what you think...
love you,

Myranda said...

Absolutely, Sister! 8-)Anything for you!

You could just let me know what you want it to look like if you want to - otherwise I would just do something that I like and hope that you would like it.

Love you!