Wednesday, March 7, 2007

If you could only see me...

Bwah ha would laugh. For you see, I am on my knees begging forgiveness to those of you who have faithfully checked my blog to see if I have updated. I'm sorry, friends. I do call you that because I love each one of you - even Tara. Who publicly mortified me on my own blog. Even going so far as to call my scrapbook pages STALE!! See if I ever invite her back to my house - OH, WAIT!! I didn't invite her the first time around - she invited herself!! 8-)

I really do love ya, Tara - and look - you produced results with the "stale" comment! 8-) Really, I'm laughing. I could care less - just having fun with ya! You know how seriously (not) I take things. Really, we were so happy to have you here!

A few weekends ago Nathan and I and our kids, Missy and Gerald and their boys and our cousins, Brent and Mary all went to my grandpa's house to celebrate their anniversary with them. We had a great time. We took Grandpa and Nellie to Amish Door for supper and then we hung out at their house for a while. Here are a few pics of our fun!

Love to all.

Back to you....

Melodie - you aren't going to believe this. I JUST saw a layout about culture shock. Just a day or two after you left this comment. So cool - the page was awesome!

Thanks, Leanna!

Good, Julie - glad to hear that you think you will work it out somehow!

Tara. What do I say to someone like you? made me laugh??? 8-)

Dawn...are you saying you don't like to see those pages and you aren't happy with seeing them every day for the rest of forever maybe??? lol Love ya, too!

Jet!! Your first post. So excited for you - and for me!! Love the matching paci idea. Since you bought her SEVEN bags of stuffed bunnies the other day.....I don't think it would surprise me to see all matching paci's!! 8-) Thanks for looking at my blog! Love ya!


The Opinionated Outcast said...

Ha. Ha. (sniff.sniff.) Hey - it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it. Who else will be brave enough, strong enough, bold enough to step up and be a voice for the people in cyberspace? "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore"...the lonely people sitting in front of their computers yearning for new posts... those who care...those who are nosy...those who are curious. These are the people who deserve faithfully unfailing updated blogs.

Anonymous said...

no i love seein ur work i ALWAYS have i was just a lil upset at the moment i read wat u wrote to me on aim and i guess i toke it out on u im srry love u MYRANDA


Myranda said...

Dawn - I was just being silly about my work. IT was getting a little old seeing it there, huh?!

All is good with me.

Love ya!

TARA - I will have to think about a reply for you!!