Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hi, Uncle Jack and Aunt Paulette!!!!

No, I really wasn't that close to you, but I was in PA today. 8-)

So we waved good-bye to our "pap-pap" today. He is on his way to South Africa for a mission trip.

Dad called Nathan earlier and said that he had reached Detroit and was waiting out his lay-over there and then was boarding a flight for Amsterdam. He will have a 2 hour layover there and then will be back in the air for S. Africa. He left here today at 3:05 and will not be back on the ground for good until tomorrow night after 10pm. He did have two layovers of 2 hours of less but besides that he will be in the air the whole time. He didn't seem too worried about it.

When asked his what his greatest fear was for this trip where he will be flying for so many hours and staying in a very primitive area (not even electricity), he quickly replied, "Cold Showers"!! I know, Dad. Those cold showers will get you ever time!!! 8-)

So "Good-bye", Father - in - Law. Safe travels!!



Mel - so glad you enjoyed it. I'm getting so much out of it.

Michael Bay - no, I didn't know there was a company names that. Neither did I know there was a you!! 8-) Come back soon! Really though - do I know you?

Dawn - call whenever you are ready to go to church. You are always welcome!!

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