Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Anniversary to US!

Yes, nine years ago today Nathan told me that he loved me. I was so happy. I didn't tell him that I loved him right then, but I did before the day was over.

And then - eight years ago today Nathan asked me to marry him. I was even more happy. I could do nothing else but say yes. It was so fun being the only two people in the world that knew the news. It didn't last long. We made some phone calls very soon after. So special!

The funniest thing is - we didn't even realize it was the same day until a couple years later. It wasn't planned at all.

I sent him a text message today at work. I told him that I still love him and I would say "yes" a million more times.

So great to know that we still love each other after this many years, and are still together. It's sad to say, but we are definitely beating the odds.



Dawn - I'm sorry. I have been extremely busy. I will check it out soon! Love ya!


Anonymous said...

i must say i do want u and nathan have and think me n stenn will be like u guys in the future when we get married and have kids =)

love you.


Sankey Family said...

happy anniversary, mandy & nathan..... and many more to come!

love you both,

skier1998 said...
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skier1998 said...

Okay, I wanted to change my comment - actually add to it but I didn't realize it would SHOW EVERYONE my error after I deleted it. oops. Happy 9th Anniversary. You are an awesome couple & great parents. So, would you like the traditional 9th anniversary gift (pottery) or would you like the modern (leather)? What is that all about? ha ha.

Brenda said...

Cool! That's neat that it it ended up being on the same day. Congrats!