Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fun day!

It all started actually on Tuesday night. After the group left that was helping us with the yard at about 9 or so, Jonathan and Leanna and Lindsey got here about 10:15 or so. We sat up and talked for a couple hours and then yesterday morning they didn't leave until nearly noon - we had a great time. I'm so glad they came. Lindsey is just precious and our kids loved playing with her.

Then last night was Swim Lessons again and we actually all went and paid the couple bucks for the twins to get in as well - and Daddy, too. It was so fun. They loved it. The toys there are incredible. We could just spend so many hours there.

An update: The goggles completely took care of the problem - as Treyton had "promised me with all his heart". 8-)

(If you look closely - Jada is in focus. It was a new thing I was trying. Trying to catch motion.)


Julie said...

Wow! That looks like alot of fun. Mollie would absolutely love it there! She loves my in-laws pool and practically cries every time she has to get out. I would love for her to take swim lessons.

Sankey Family said...

Looks like fun!

~ Melodie

Nancy said...

It's interesting to see bloggers show up on other bloggers blogs! Looks like you all had fun....and that swim place looks REALLY neat! Is it just a community place, or a special place for lessons? I've often wanted my kids to learn how to swim, so they wouldn't have this horrible fear of water like I do. (I never learned)

Janella said...

Myranda, I been watching for you, I love keeping up with your family on this blog.

Leanna P. said...

Had a great time coming to your HOME! It is so nice and beautiful with a great host and hostess. Thanks for opening your home on such a short notice. Wish we could see you all more often. I loved our kids being able to play together. Hope to see you again soon. Maybe at camp:)