Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It was great!

I had a great time at the WOW Retreat!!! It was so relaxing and so beneficial to me. I had been feeling pretty low before that and I am much better now!

The concert was fun. Not saying it was perfect, but it did go okay and without any major problems.

I did NOT take pictures. I am so surprised at myself! Lori kept telling me, "You have only taken one picture," but I still didn't do any better. She was so amazed. Couldn't believe I wasn't taking more pics. There was a photographer - but that is a story for a different day!!! HAHAHA


Heather - I wish you would have been there, too. There was a great session on "Surviving life in teh ministry". Both you and Melodie would have really enjoyed that one. I even did and I'm not directly in Ministry. Thanks for the compliments on the kids - and yes, we did all have to sing. 8-) Scrapbooking is just incredible. LOVE it. It is great therapy for me!!

Julie - I missed you. Expecially after I saw Kristy! Wished so bad that you could have been there. I understand though - I didn't go when I had small babies either. Yes, You are right - I was pregnant with Treyton. Unreal!

Dawn - I need updates. Can't post to the same thing 10 times, silly!! lol You don't need to delete it - just keep going. I go there often and re-look at the pics. Why are you worried about not having a computer? You moving again?


~Heather~ said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...and GLAD that the concert and the WOW went great. Yes, I'm sure that Melodie and I would have loved to have heard that special session...and all of it for that matter. =) When we are back in the states there are sooo many things I'd love to be there for...IHC, a ladies retreat, a marriage retreat, etc. but one cannot fit everything in in the little bit of time one has being home. =) (and trying to rest up from being on the Mission field too.)
Have a great day!

Love, Heather =)

Sankey Family said...

I'm so glad the concert went well and I would have loved to be in on the ministry session and yes, all of it - to be sure.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

no im homeschoold this yr threw massillon using a school computer && when the school is done since im goin to R.G. Drage next yr. I have to return mi computer in 2 wks. I might b buyin a laptop off mi friend im not sure yet. no I wish I was movin out of mi moms house. things are getn so much worse. I just want to graduate && b done wit her for the rest of mi life. shes always tryn to find somethin to fight wit me bout. I think i truly hate her. && bout the blog thing its hard to take pics when I can onli put some many on mi camera cuz I dont have a memory card or the money to get one && mi computer will b gone so I cant b takin pics much && I have 3 other websites I have to do so its hard to do this one too.