Friday, January 19, 2007

Fun, Fun!!

Although yesterday was my birthday, it didn't feel like it at all with the funeral and everything. Nathan told me late last night that he wasn't working today so that he could be with me and celebrate my birthday today. 8-) Gotta love him!

This morning I woke up to a steaming hot bubble bath in the jacuzzi. As if that wasn't good enough - there was also a man there with some toenail polish ready to paint my toenails. It was so sweet. Loved it. That is the first time in nearly 7 years so it was a wonderful surprise!
He also made lunch today for us and he is in the kitchen now making supper. Lasagna, corn and rolls. Table is set and he is just waiting for the lasagna to finish. Won't be too much longer.

I suspect we will go out tonight - I have some birthday money. However, if not - we will just continue to have fun here.
Also, yesterday after we got home from the funeral he tucked me in bed with a lot of pillows all around me and told me to read or watch something - whatever. Then he closed the door and kept the kids out of here so that I could have a little time by myself. When I got up, the kitchen was completely cleaned and much more presentable than I had left it before the funeral.

Last night he took us to El Rodeo and told them it was my birthday and I got a delicious fried ice cream out of the deal. Of course, it came with 5 spoons so......I did get some though. I got all I needed!!

It has been a very happy day-after-birthday today!



Aimee said...

This post was a fun introduction to your blog!!! haha. I brought Chad in to see to give him some ideas for MY birthday. (wink) I'm SO GLAD to hear from you! It's been forever! Love your blog. Your house looks so nice! I like the green kitchen too. Color is a good thing. My last kitchen was red. do you remember being at Troy camp when we were there one summer? Yeah, I'm so living near there now. Weirdish. I'll keep reading your blog!

Leanna said...

How relaxing! Nothing like being pampered and spoiled!

The Waggoner Family said...


It was so wonderful to read your post on my blog. I have thought about you often over the past years. At GBS I always remember you as so sweet and your beautiful smile. Jeanine is doing well and her and I are still very close friends. I would love to email you some time. My email: It was so good to hear from you.

Love, Becca

The Waggoner Family said...

I also wanted to say that I am so sorry about your Grandpa. You will be in our prayers.