Sunday, January 7, 2007

It's Sunday...

...and usually we are always in church, but I didn't feel like the twins were quite there. We gave them baths and started the whole getting ready process, but it just didn't seem to be the thing to do. I wasn't sure that they should be coughing all over everyone there at church. They are being good - the cough is the only thing that is left. Oh, and the whining. 8-)

We had a great day yesterday. Nathan wanted to work in the basement - so I got to go to a Scrapbook store for a little while. It was neat - hadn't been there before. Only got a couple of things. Not even quite $5.00. I was good.
***Then we at supper with Missy and Gerald and the boys yesterday afternoon. We hadn't hung out with them for a long time and that was so fun. I have a new adorable pic of Caden, but I will wait and ask Missy first before putting his pic on here.
***After that, Pam and her parents, David and Kathy came over (Dusty was at the Cav's game). Pam wanted to visit and her dad hadn't seen the house yet so Kathy and him came in to look. They kept sayind they couldn't stay....8-) We started talking and got them to stay for a while. I think it was 11:00p when they left. We absolutely loved it. So fun. Thanks so much, guys for coming and chatting!
***I started yesterday, also, to get the prints of my Bronner's Trip. I went to Frankenmouth, MI with 10 of my friends at the beginning of December. It was a blast and I plan to do a scrapbook of our trip. It is annual for them - this was my first year, but I hope it becomes annual to me as well.
***Aunt Paulette, Thanks so much for calling yesterday - it was great to talk. Hopefully soon you can find that comment button. I love it that you are checking this out. I'm sure that it takes you a while with dial-up, but thanks for sticking it out! Love ya!
***Talk again tomorrow probably.

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mama2ryleigh said...

Hi, Myranda! Thanks for the comments that you left on my blog. Your kids are really cute, too. My mom said Melodie told her about you & that you scrapbook, too. I don't know too many people in real life who like to scrapbook as much as I do, so it's nice to meet new people who do. (By the way, the card that you made is really cute!)