Thursday, January 11, 2007

House Cleaning Day!

Yes, it is Thursday again - already. Seems like there are more Thursdays than any other day. 8-) Actually, I don't mind cleaning too bad, but sometimes I do wish for a maid! If I would get up and get straight to work that might help, but I get up and mess around for a little bit - I guess waiting to see if it will clean itself. By the time I get breakfast and everything then there are so many more things I would rather do. Anyway, Tamra asked for more pics of the house so once I get it cleaned today maybe I will do that.

Last night was church. It was our annual Crisis Pregnancy Center service. It is so unreal some of the things that girls/women go through. It moves me every time. Lorena Glick and one of the ladies from our church, Betty Fisher, spoke. They are both very involved with the Center. While that was going on - our Children's Ministry team had children's church for the kids. That was different - but cool.

After church, we brought home one of Treyton's buddies. He stayed the night and will play here today. We will take him home this afternoon. They are having so much fun. They got to sleep in the tent last night. They were ecstatic. So cute to see them playing together so well. Thanks, Cameron, for coming to our house.


Back to you...

Leanna - thanks for stopping back by. How are your parents? I sure hope they are better!

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