Tuesday, January 9, 2007

It's Tuesday - 1/2 laundry day...

Hey - it is laundry day again today. I try to do laundry on Tuesday and Friday. It is too much if I try to do it all on one day. Friday is my big day though - where everything is completely finished. Anyway, so I will be doing that today.

While we were doing pre-school yesterday, I took some pics. I will post some of them here. Treyton loves pre-school. He does really good, too. He finished his first book before Christmas, and since I don't feel like there is any major push, we are just starting back after the holidays. It's fun.

So, Ohio State stinks. Oh, well. I really did think they would win, though!
Back to you...
~~Melodie, You are welcome. I'm glad to hear you had a good day there. Love you!
Mama, Thanks so much for figuring this out. I post to it often and I want you and Daddy to be able to come here and see the pics of the kids and stuff. Love you so much!
~~Leanna - Hey, girl!! So glad you stopped by...and posted!! A lot of people stop by, but only a few take the time. Also, thanks so much for the pics of Lindsey! She is a gorgeous little thing!
~~Lori!! You did it!!! YAY for you! You are creative. Your house is beautiful! You need to stop saying that!!! I'll get Nathan after you....does that scare you??? lol Love ya, Fran!
~~Shari, Thanks so much for coming by. I promise, there is no one more addicted to Scrapbooking - so maybe I have finally found someone that thinks like me! Scrapbooking is so great - and our kids already are enjoying looking at them. That makes it worth it all.
~~Anthony - last time I kept my hateful remarks a little more hidden because I wanted to protect you from the public knowing the truth about you. I am about ready to just spill all - right here on the main page. You, indeedio, are the pain!


Anonymous said...

Hey Babe, just thought I would drop a little note and tell you that I love your blog you do a great job at everything including being a Wonderful wife and mother !
love Ya ,Your Hubby

Myranda said...

Baby!!! You totally surprised me! I love you so much! I will comment on this tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Myranda! Long time no see! I enjoy your blog. I hardly recognized the kids...how they have grown! Your house looks great. Show us more when you get the chance.
Tamra Craycraft

Guess Who? said...

After all I have done for you since you were a little girl!!! All the moral support I have given you and the much sought after advice, and the....shew this is getting VERY deep!! hahaha