Monday, January 22, 2007

My Birthday Dinner!

It finally happened. I had been so excited about my birthday dinner with Dusty and Pam, Derek and Lori. It finally got here. On Saturday night we went to the place of my choice ~ Cheeseburger in Paradise. None of us had been there before and it turned out to be a good decision. It was delicious!! Really, Derek does not always look like Donald Duck! 8-) He did it on purpose though!!!

Derek and Lori got Sweet Potato Chips for their appetizer. They were good. Different, but good. Dusty and Pam for mini-cheeseburgers for their appetizer. So cute. And very tasty! Nathan and I both got the BBQ Cheddar burger. It was incredibly scrumptious.

Dusty promptly told someone that it was my birthday so when we were done with our meals, they brought me ice cream and sang to me. They made me stand up and I heard a couple of "Get up on the table and dance" comments. It was a little embarrassing and very funny. It was good ice cream though.
They got me gorgeous flowers and they were put in to a pottery vase that Lori and Pam picked out specifically for me. It is heart shaped. So pretty. They even picked the color to paint it and painted it themselves. Much more of a memory. They also got me a hilarious card. So funny!

Lori's parents, Mr. Chuck and Ms. Nancy (This is what we are trying our best to get the kids to say), kept the kids for us while we went out. The kids absolutely adore them and all Chuck and Nancy do is play, play, play the whole time!! They are incredible people.

Thanks so much, Friends, for a very fun birthday dinner.

Back to you......
~~~Aimee - it was so incredible to see you here. I'm glad you took the time to stop by. Hopefully you can come back by soon. I will be looking for you. Luv ya!
~~~Becca - I can't believe I found your blog. I had been looking for it for several days - I knew you had to have one out there somewhere. Glad I found it. Thanks for commenting here. Hope to see you again soon. Love!
~~~Leanna - it was so fun. Loved it. So relaxing. Have you guys talked any more about when you are coming up? Let me know when you decide. Hopefully you can soon, but I do totally understand that you are very needed there.
~~~Merrilee - I was so surprised to see your comment the other day. That made my day. How are you guys doing? Hope everything is going well for you!! Do you have more time on your hands now - maybe we could get together some time. Love you!
~~~Melodie - ask Nathan why I deleted it!!!!!! Did you see it at all?


skier1998 said...

Hey Stranger. I happened upon your blog while "blog hopping." Happy Birthday yesterday. Sounds like a great time. ;-) My blog isn't all that exciting but you can check it out sometime.

Pam said...

How cute! You are so creative with your cards and blog. I may just have to get you to do a Wedding scrapbook with your "free time". 8)Dusty and I had a great time out for your birthday. We need to hang out more often with you and the family. Hope all is going well this week. Talk to ya soon. Love, Pam