Thursday, January 4, 2007

I decided to go ahead and get some pics taken of the house and post them here. You are welcome to those who wanted to see. Those who didn't - It's okay, I still love you. So anyway, this is my house. Yes, the kitchen really is green - and I do really like it. It is just what I meant for it to be. Weird, huh? Anyway, I think you can make out what most of these pics are. Got questions? Ask!

I played with my blog a lot yesterday. Those of you who are brave - let me know what is wrong with it. I am fine with you telling me - not promising I will change everything, but I do want to know if it is eye-pleasing or if it is just a jumbled mess. Leave a comment and let me know.

Ok, well, I have been dreading it, but today is once again House-cleaning day. I already have a few things done but I have a whole lot more to do. If I stay at it, it will be done by lunch. If I don't then I will finish it up while the twins are napping.

Speaking of them, they are so sick. I was sure hoping that they would wake up better today, but I don't think that happened. If you have a minute - pray for them. Jackson is really bad. I don't feel like taking all of them to the Dr., but I will have to tomorrow probably. We will see - hope they get better soon!!



lettydru said...

Hi Mandy--Melody told me yesterday about your blog and how you had it up in just a few minutes! You and my daughter Shari just need to share some of your creativity!! I really like your style and will be coming back to visit. Hello to Nathan and your inlaws, and a hug for the kids.


Sankey Family said...

oh my word...i am so loving your house - it's gorgeous!
love you...