Tuesday, January 16, 2007

On a different thought ~

I was so excited on Saturday morning about some pics that I wanted to share with you that we had taken on Friday night. However, with Grandpa's death it seems a little harsh to look like all we wanted to do was have fun. It has been a couple of days now and I do really want to share these pics so I am going to go ahead.

Friday night we had a complete family night - at home! We ate supper here and then got up and played with the kids until bed time. It was so fun. Nathan and the kids played Jenga Blocks until I got supper cleaned up.
Then when I was done with the supper stuff, we played memory for a while. Treyton won - fair and square. It is unreal how good a kids memory is.

Then after that - the kids and Nathan would run to the edge of the tile from the foyer and see how far they could jump. The twins weren't very successful. It was hilarious. However, Treyton and Nathan did good. Treyton's biggest jump was 4ft and 8in. I thought that was really good - even taller than him. Nathan's jump was 11ft 5 in. I am going to post pics of them jumping on here - however, if you aren't here to see them before Nathan gets home tonight then you probably won't see the one of Nathan. He will make me delete it as soon as he gets home!! 8-) We were absolutely howling laughing!


After that we played tag and then hide and seek in here. We had an incredible night with the kids. So much fun - without spending a penny! Don't have any pics of tag and hide and seek. Nathan was scaring us so bad I was freaked to carry my camera around!

We wish a great day for you!


Back at you....

Melodie - thanks for the message. We appreciate your thoughts for the family. Thanks also for the TM the other night to Nathan. That really helped him!

Leanna - It is hard to see one's you love hurting so bad. They are doing as good as can be excpected though. Thanks for your continued thoughts for the family.


Leanna said...

What fun that must have been playing with the kids. I loved the pics.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady,
Love your blog! It so fun to "keep up" with your family this way! I'll keep checking back!

Sankey Family said...

I loved this entry....what a cool family moment...but big bummer! Why did you take Nathan's "leaping" picture away? lol.....