Friday, January 12, 2007


I LOVE Fridays!! LOVE them. Nathan's last day of work for the week - getting to spend some time together. Having someone to help with the kids. I just love the weekend. We don't have anything major going on this weekend. We were going out with some of our friends for my birthday, but there was a conflict and so we changed that to next weekend.

Last night I went to Women of Worth. With Lori. She is my faithful friend. She has gone the last three times and seems to really enjoy going with me. I love having her there. We have such a good time. Some serious conversation and also some serious LAUGHS!! It was fun.

I have to do laundry today. I don't have a ton though. I did a lot of it on Tuesday.

I was looking back over some Christmas pictures the other day and found this one. I think it is cute - but kind of funny. They are all lined up there so cute. Jada had gotten a new Strawberry Shortcake DVD from Uncle and Aunt Marci and kids (yes, they call him Uncle), and they all wanted to watch it so I got my laptop out and they sat so still. I believe these are the closest in age kids here. From front to back - Jackson (2), Braxton (3), Jada (2), Shelby (4), and Treyton (4). At one time all of them were one and under. And yes, the VAST majority of them are mine - the oldest and the youngest ones!!



Me again said...

Cool pic of the kids...did you ever stop and ask yourself why we have caused so much work and noise at all of our family get togethers? haha and I would also like to point out that even though you may....or may not...get tired of me harrassing you on your blog, at least I am being faithful to post comments!!! Even though I hardly know what I'm doing

Michele Jewett said...

Found the link to your blog on Melodie's blog. :o) Really enjoy your posts and pictures. Your new house is beautiful!