Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We played!

The kids have been being really good lately, so I decided they deserved a trip to their favorite place - McDonald's! They had a lot of fun. The twins had more fun jumping off the playland than they did climbing through it. Treyton is really in to playing the games they have there. I had a nice time just sitting there - except for the poor woman that called her son for at least a half an hour - telling him it was time to go and she was leaving. He was sitting clear at the top. No one could see him. You could hear him laughing at her. He wouldn't even move at all. Finally an adult went up to get him and they coaxed him down. As soon as they got down the slide he turned around and ran right back up it. It must have been another 10 minutes after that still. Finally they all walked out and left him there. Didn't take him long then!! Anyway, that just wore me out. 8-)

These aren't really great pics, but at least you can see the fun they were having. Jada refuses to slide there in a skirt because the screws in the slide shock her legs. It is so crazy why all play areas do that. I remember that even when I was a kid.

I have to get meat out of the freezer for dinner tonight. Any good recipes or ideas you would like to share with me? I am always up for that. Would love to hear.


Back to you....

.....Nathan - You are so cool. Thanks for posting on here. Total surprise - even though you were posting here in the same room as me on the laptop. 8-) I hope that isn't the last. Love seeing you on here! XO

.....Tamra!! Hey, Friend. It has been an age since we have seen you. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope things are going good for your family. So nice to see you here - visit often.

.....Anthony - I find it odd that I don't remember all that stuff you were talking about. I just remember you as the crazy person that won't stop talking nonsense. Hey, isn't it true that a couple years ago you made a resolution to be a little more serious. Sorry that didn't work out for you. Keep encouraged though - it is never too late to start!! lol

.....Also - if any of you that post here have a blog. Please leave it here when you post. I love looking! And I try to post to other fellow-bloggers often.

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Anonymous said...

cute and fun pics of the kids - Leanna