Monday, January 8, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sister!

Dear Melodie,

Today is your day on my blog. I want to try to tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me.

First of all, you are absolutely gorgeous. I honestly think people would probably think you are younger than me. You look like you did 10 years ago. You are beautiful.

Not only are you beautiful on the outside, but you are an incredible person - on the inside as well. You are a wonderful wife to a great husband, a fantastic mother to three awesome boys, and now you are a faithful missionary to a needy country. You are someone that I look up to - someone that decides to do something and does it with all her heart.

Thank you for being exactly who you are. As a sister - thank you for changing my diaper all those times and for combing my hair and feeding me!! 8-) As a sister-in-law - thank you for accepting my husband and making him feel like a part of our family. As an aunt to my kids - thank you for loving them. You act like they are never bad. You accept any behavior they have to offer. And you always excitedly receive a new picture of them. As a friend - thanks for scrap-booking. Thank you for the phone calls. Thank you for being interested in my life.

I miss you today. I'm sorry we are apart. We are rarely together on your birthday, but 4 hours and 4 days are two VERY different things! It's okay though - I wouldn't change it. I love knowing you are where God wants you to be.

I love you, Melodie. You are the best oldest sister a person could have.

Your baby sister,


Anonymous said...

"Happy Birthday" to the first child I ever brought into this world!! lol!! I love you so much. I can still see your little face when you were born. You were wvwn more special because we thought we could not have children. You have always brought Daddy and I so much joy and happiness - and you still do! We love you and are so proud of you. Your choices in life have been very good. And, of course, we think our sons-in-law and grandchildren are the very best!!
Daddy and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. We just wish we could be there, too. Crank up the Motor Home!!!! Hugs and kisses to you on your birthday. Love you, Mama

Sankey Family said...

mandy, what a sweet thing for you to do...thank you for your birthday wishes and all your love and for giving me your blog for today....i have had a special birthday - many people have wished me well in both languages...but none of it was more special than what you have said and done....always know i love you, little sister....

Anonymous said...

Mandy, I love your blog! I just looked at it for the first time tonight. Your blog for the day brought tears to my eyes. That was such a very sweet letter! Your house is beautiful - hope to come and visit you soon. Love, Leanna

Sarah Fry said...

I'm in purple puddles. I think your sister is pretty cool, too! Loving your blog! Sarah